Idaho born and raised, Liberty took the big move to So Cal at age 18 and has been modeling for 4 years with the mindset of growth, positivity and leaving an imprint. Her optimistic mindset has led to big moves including her feature as a reality star on America's Next Top Model, proving she will let nothing stand in her way as she blossoms into the next generation of this industry.

She is a beauty nonetheless, but her talent is what brought her a full-time career as a model. Her favorite types of photoshoots to be on are beauty campaigns and outdoor beach days, but her limits in the industry have only shown to be few and far. With her boss babe attitude, she has also brought energy into the influencer space, accumulating over 110k followers and a engaged community on the journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Liberty’s leadership to hustle for what you want-and be grateful for what you have- has helped her build not only a dedicated community behind her, but a stunning portfolio to represent what hard work can do!

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