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The Best Gift Ideas for Her- Valentine's Day plus GIVEAWAY

The Best Gift Ideas for Her- Valentine's Day plus GIVEAWAY

Oh the joys of yet another holiday that you have to come up with the best gift for Her, although you have nowhere to start… This is the one-stop shop for trending and best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, or any other holidays you’re not sure what is IN. Here are my top Valentine’s gift favorites to ease the stress, making it affordable and as glamorous as she wishes!

Valentine’s Day creeped up on us, and we all know gifts can be one of the hardest parts about the romantic season. I know this can add on to the already fast pace New Year, so I decided to give you guys the ease of mind that it can be easy. I chose my favorite 2018 gift ideas below that I would want my honey to snag for me (G always needs a little extra help). It has a range of pricing, making it awesome for those on the come up $$$, and those on a budget (AKA me!). I wanted to make it SO easy that you can literally click on ANY header and/or photo that pertains to the gift idea, and it directs you straight to checkout. Nothing beats the gift of love, but why not be a little extra for your babe? Not to mention, we have a GIVEAWAY happening for this post. Be sure to go to my IG and enter @TheLifeOfLibs and scroll to the bottom of this post for Giveaway info.

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Nu.Me Hair Wand

We all know that 90s hair curler your girl has chilling by the sink, with hairspray stains and the cord falling to pieces, sooo it may be time for a new hair iron. Nu.Me is my go-to hair wand, and I have used mine for a year and going strong! I love this hair wand because you can create so many looks and I have found it to be faster and easier to do my hair daily, plus there's a 30 day guaruntee. They carry anything hair: straighteners, wands, dryers, hair care,  you name it. I'm also not the only one in love with this wand, it has been featured in Elle, Allure, Forbes, In Style, Pop Sugar, Essence and OK! magazine too. [Classic hair wand 1 & 1/4inch barrel $69 Ulta]

GIVEAWAY: Classic Hair Wand $79 value

 Coola Suncare

Ok, so we all want to be young and beautiful when we're old. I mean admit it, even I at 21 realize how important skincare is! Did you know that 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun? Or that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 65? Super scary! So, here's a simple solution: Buy your Babe some SPF! If she wants to be tan, buy her their Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist. If she needs a little mid-day hydration, get her SPF30 Make-up Setting Spray. If she already went in the sun and needs to repair, snag the Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion. I have used so many of Coola's suncare products and fell in love for so many reasons. [Coola Suncare Sunless Tan $46]

1. Farm to face, fresh and natural ingredients 

2.Cruelty Free

3. Certified Organic

4. Green Friendly aka great for the environment!

5. The products are made well and their team behind it all really care

I have been in contact with Coola for over a year, and I am so happy to recommend them to literally everyone. They have tinted BB Creams, sunless tanning, tinted chapstick, tinted sunscreen ALL with SPF. I support brands with quality, care, and trust which this line has done for 2+ years for my skin. I use their tinted BB cream , sunless tan oil and red chapstick daily.

GIVEAWAY: Aloha Limited edition set $45 value

Kersh clothing

There's no lovelier gift than comfy & romantic pieces for her. This line has a 25% off Valentine's Day sale currently with a little something for everyone. Kersh isn't only wonderful for soft, irresistible clothing but also their community support each season for a charity. They are giving back to charities around the world with a piece of love in mind. This clothing line is trendy, and I will be sharing some of my goodies with you too! [Kersh Clothing Love graphic Tee $60($45 on sale)]

GIVEAWAY: Love Graphic Tee $60 Value

Rainbow OPTX

Cute, affordable and a FREE pair of cateye sunglasses with every purchase. These guys have such fun and colorful array of sunnies that are all $29.97 and make it easy on the wallet. I have 4 pairs and I love matching the perfect lenses to my outfit, along with another pair just in case for an IG post. From green, pink, yellow and orange, they continue to deliver colors to match your mood and lenses to match your style. My favorites for V-Day would be the heart shaped sunglasses! [Rainbow OPTX Heart Shaped Sunglasses $29.97]

GIVEAWAY: Heart Shaped Rose Sunglasses $30 value

Eminence Skincare

Speaking of skincare, want to know my secret to flawless skin? Welcome to Eminence skincare! I have used Eminence since I can remember, and it's because of their biodynamic, organic and natural skincare. I feel comfortable buying anything from here, knowing there aren't any harsh chemicals peeling at my sensitive skin. I know firsthand that they provide the best skincare with a reputable background. Their mission statement: "To enhance your well-being naturally through extraordinary products and extraordinary service." They are very helpful with information on your skin and if you don't even know what type of skin you have you can learn about it here! I love Eminence and use it on my skin daily, and your honey deserves only the best. I recommend the night cream, Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 30, or the Cucumber Eye Gel.

Bite Beauty

Nothing makes us feel more powerful than our favorite lip color. Bite beauty has the trendiest and best lip pencils and lipsticks that I die for. My make up drawer probably consists more of these lip products than any other make-up, and I always have on at least my favorite, Amuse Bouche. In 2017, Allure announced Bite as the best neutral lip colors, and I can't agree more. Their lipsticks are moist, rich and (drum roll please) organic/natural ingredients. As you can tell, I am very selective when it comes to what sits on top of my skin. Bite beauty is my fav for cruelty-free lip care done right. I love Amuse Bouche Lipstick for everyday wear. [Amuse Bouche Lipstick $26]

GIVEAWAY: 2 Lip Pencils (Pink 096 and Burgundy 042) $36 Value

BeautyName Zodiac Necklace


We are all obsessed with our zodiacs including myself. I love hearing all about what Gemini women are like, and how we can be totally nuts on a full moon. LOL. But BeautyName does it all right, creating handmade zodiac necklaces of how the stars were aligned when you were born. I love that you can change the length of the necklace and the pendant size on these to custom to you. Wait, did I forget to mention they literally only cost $22.43 on Etsy? Seriously, this is bang for your buck if you are on a budget, and I know your girl is going to love this one. To make it even more romantic, you can get yours to match. [BeautyName Zodiac Necklace $23]

Real Simple Style - Metallic Marilyn Clutch


When it comes to dressing up, almost every girl needs one of these. If she doesn't, her life is going to change when you get her this super adorable, matches everything clutch. Every woman needs a basic clutch in her closet for events, dates or a Girls-Night-Out because it is dainty yet holds the vital things girls need: cash, card, phone, tampons, lipstick...etc. You know the drill. Carrying our everyday clunky purse is just too much and it distracts from everything. This simple bag is a must, comes in gold or black and will keep your girl chic and styled. [Marilyn Envelope Clutch $108]

ProFlowers Two Dozens of Red Roses

Who can mess with a V-Day Classic? Two dozens of luscious red roses delivered right to your door. There's no scrambling the day before or the morning of Valentine's Day to get your love the flowers they deserve. I know I'm not the only one in love with Amazon and they've done it again! These roses come with food and all you have to do is cut the ends at an angle as per usual and stick them in a vase of your choice (Dollar Tree has cute ones FYI for $1). That's it! Oh Amazon, thank you for existing. [Two Dozens of Red Roses $30]

Love Journal for Two by Potter Gift

Speaking of Amazon, I found the BEST gift idea that is literally $10 and the absolute cutest gift idea. It is a journal all about love and gratitude for your babe and each day has a prompt or question that you answer such as "Where would you like to travel with your partner?" or "What is your favorite quality of your partner?" Seriously guys?! I'm dying. All you do is jot down one to two sentences per day, and the journal goes up to three years. I think this is so cute and what a great reminder of why you are in love in the first place. [3 Year Journal for 2 People $10.40]

Cinema Light Box LED by Room Essentials

I love the idea of creating a positive message or goal that you are working on and waking up to it every morning. This LED light box plugs into the wall and has 105 letters, numbers and symbols to create something for everyday or even birthdays, movie nights, events or weddings. This is available at Target and is amazing for those on a budget that want to be a little different for Valentine's Day! It plugs into the wall and looks super cute when lit. If she is into home decor, you can even have it as a decoration in your living room! [Cinema Light Box Target $19]

Urban Outfitters Rose Gold Scratch-Off World Map


Are you both into travel? If you are, this is such a fun way to plan and mark off all of the places you've been. It is a perfect size to smack right on the wall and scratch off all the places you have explored together and makes for a wonderful goal. This gift is amazing for Newly Weds too! We have something very similar in our apartment, and I have to admit, we are always discussing our next destination over morning coffee. When you glance at the map, it takes you to the country and memories start to fly into your head! I highly recommend getting a frame to dress this baby up, you'll have it for a while. [Rose Gold Scratch-Off World Map Urban Outfitters $39]

AMC Gift Card Movie Night

Did you hear Fifty Shades Freed is out? Or if that's not your forte my favorite movie of the year, I,Tonya is also still in theaters. I know there's a movie you've both been dying to see and there's no excuses if you have a AMC gift card. It can go towards tickets, that huge bowl of popcorn, or, my personal fav, a Raspberry Blue ICEE! You can take this gift card and turn it into a date night for her too. Dress her up, take her on a badly needed romantic date to the hottest restaurant in town and end it with snuggles at a killer movie. I know, this gift card seems cliche, but trust me she's going to LOVE. IT. [AMC Gift Card]


Giveaway package1.jpg

Want to win all of these goodies!? This Valentine's Day Giveaway can go to anyone who applies. 

To enter:

  1. Follow @TheLifeOfLibs @Coola @SubUrbanRiot @KershClothing @RainbowOPTX on instagram
  2. Tag 2 friends & like this photo
  3. Comment on this blog post

What will I win?

  1. NuMe Classic Hair Wand
  2. Love T-Shirt by Kersh
  3. Love-Wins Sweatshirt by Sub Urban Riot with Tote bag
  4. Limited Edition Aloha Travel Set (•Limited edition splash-proof ALOHA pouch with custom Toucan print • Mineral Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Tint (25ML)• Mineral Sport Citrus Mimosa SPF 30 Lotion (45ML)• Mineral Liplux® SPF 30 Skinny Dip chapstick)
  5. BaesandBikinis creme bralette
  6. Two Bite Beauty lip pencils
  7. Red Heart Shaped Sunglasses by Rainbow OPTX
  8. Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa

Winner will be announced on Valentine's Day next week. Must complete all steps in order to win. US Only. 

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