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My 5 Page Spread in Modeliste Magazine

My 5 Page Spread in Modeliste Magazine

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I wanted to avoid finding a halloween costume so badly this year I ended up planning not one, but two trips over the frightening holiday. One to Paris, and one to Mexico. I heard the weather in Paris is cold this year, and it didn’t include shooting a 5 page spread in Modeliste Magazine either.

The choice was easy: I would spend this year in Puerto Vallarta celebrating the Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) with a boss babe group from all over the world, AND shooting a 5 page spread for Modeliste Magazine. Can we say this was so meant to be?

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Well, yes I think so. I dreamt of shooting a magazine spread as one of my first goals as a model. Luckily I was able to do that already, but recently I realized that I never simply wanted a red hot photo spread in a magazine. I dreamt of having a voice, a message and a meaning behind the photos I created. I wanted girls to be like, "hey she looks like she could be my friend!” or a photo with true meaning. Modeliste magazine made this dream a reality this week through the opportunity to not only be the model for the spread, but the creative director, wardrobe stylist and to put a story through my photos. Too bad I can’t share the spread until January (guess you’ll have to subscribe to see!)

This week was truly a blessing thanks to Modeliste Magazine and Hard Rock Hotel PV!

Throughout the 5 days in Puerto Vallarta, we watched baby sea turtles make it to the ocean, visited a local community center that collects recyclables every month and even reuses them to build walls, art pieces, or education, photographed a magazine spread, experienced the exquisite detail of the Day of the Dead celebration and the beauty surrounding the message behind it, filled up with a lot of food, including a private dinner with full staff at the “Rock Star Suite” at the Hard Rock Hotel where we were staying, and still had time to enjoy the sunshine. 

best friends eating ice cream.JPG
best friends eating ice cream.JPG

Every single morning I woke up at the brink of dawn, and probably the only time I immediately went to open my curtains. Normally I would just lie there, dooming the second I had to wake up because mornings are the worst. Just me? But here I really looked forward to exposing the tropical Mexican beach view from my cozy room and watching the sun rise. Better yet, I could open my 5 story high balcony and hear the ocean, hardly waiting to get down into it.

Another thing I usually would just absolutely dread: breakfast. I never have enough time in LA (because mornings are the worst) and end up running out the door 20 minutes late if I even attempt, but this incredibly welcoming, all-inclusive resort allowed me to walk down to breakfast in a breeze. And their buffet style breakfast was mouth watering every. single. day. One more thing I didn’t have to worry about! I would stuff my face with made-to-order (like right in front of my face) nutella and strawberry jam crepes, fresh pressed juices and pastry assortments. My vaca diet was so real.

So, my morning routine was wake up, open curtains to watch sunrise, eat a nutella/strawberry jam crepe (after all, it is vacation right?) and slip into a bikini to take a plunge into the welcoming ocean. Am I dreaming yet? Feeling so blessed and eternally grateful for such a beautiful opportunity with Modeliste Magazine at Hard Rock Vallarta! Thank you always.

Watch my full vlog above for BTS! Stay tuned for the spread! xoxo -Libs

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