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CBD Oil: Anxiety, Sleep, Acne & Post-Workout Inflammation

CBD Oil: Anxiety, Sleep, Acne & Post-Workout Inflammation

I Tried CBD Oil for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

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CBD Oil has been slamming the covers of headline news lately, so when I logged onto Huffington Post and read that it helped a little girl overcome cancer, well, you bet I started googling. 

I know you’re already thinking,

“Isn’t CBD Oil marijuana?”
cannabis-marijuana plant.png

Yes, CBD technically is marijuana.

But no, it does not get you high as a kite!

I had to try something that is sooo 2018 and such a millennial thing to do. We are the ones who legalized CBD and marijuana, so I needed to know the true effects of CBD Oil.

Is it safe? What will I feel if it doesn’t get me “high”? Will it help my anxiety as research claims? Is it addictive? How long will I feel different? How long does it take to kick in? What if I took double the dose (after all, they said it has little to no side effects)? How much do I take?

My goal for trying CBD Oil for 30 days were to:

  • Reduce my anxiety (doctor diagnosed)

  • Reduce acne (doctor diagnosed)

  • Help with sleep issues (doctor diagnosed)

  • Reduce post workout inflammation (self diagnosed)

Because CBD Oil has almost no visible signs of side effects for most people, there wasn't much for me to worry about. I needed to see if it was a placebo, a fraud, or a miracle worker.

So how does CBD Oil not get you high if it comes from a marijuana plant?

Here’s the differences between THC and CBD:


  • Part of the marijuana or hemp plants that cause a high

  • Typically as high as 12% of a marijuana or hemp plants are THC

  • Side effects may include: increased heart rate, coordination problems, slow reaction times, memory loss, red eyes and dry mouth


  • Does not cause a high

  • Typically no more than .03% of marijuana or hemp plants are CBD

  • Typically no side effects

Both have the same benefits, but the primary reason CBD became more widely used is for it’s absence of a high.

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SHOP MY LOOK: Necklace: Cuffed by Nano.

workout set:   Chill By Will.

workout set: Chill By Will.

Benefits of CBD without THC side effects:

  • Pain Relief

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Alleviate cancer related symptoms

  • Reduce acne

  • Neuroprotective properties (helps treat neurological disorders like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and parkinson’s)

  • Natural relief from high blood pressure

  • Can help inflammation (workouts, sickness or poor circulation)

My 30 Day Experience with @VivaPuraHemp

Day 1-7

These first few days were extremely skeptical. I didn’t know about what to expect and how much Viva Pura Hemp Oil to take. Like what happens if I “overdose” lol? After a bit of research, I decided around 10 milligrams would be a good start for me. I made sure it was in the middle of the recommended dose so I know I was FEELING it… But is this whole thing a placebo? Technically, yes I slept a little better this week. But honestly I’m not convinced!

I’m taking this oil for 30 days whether I “feel it” or not though. Because like most medications, it probably takes some time to kick in! And since I don’t want to be all weird during the day in case I absolutely hate it, I’m squeezing the slimy green stuff under my tongue around 4pm at the end of the day.

You guys know how much I love pilates and training. I have a trip coming up to Mexico the end of this month and have to be bikini ready, so I am working out as much as possible. With this, I hate that I bloat! Hoping CBD can kick in and help my muscle soreness and inflammation too.

Chill By Will 5.jpg

Day 7-14

Ok guys, so crazy. I had the most stressful day working at a job with a nightmare client that was so rude, barely fed in a 6 hour nonstop photoshoot that literally had me fuming, AND I had to drive 2 hours away just for a 10 minute casting. My anxiety is through the freaking roof trying to time manage, be pleasant with bad energy and get my hangriness some food. I probably would’ve ripped anyones head off today, but I took the CBD Oil (10 milligrams) under my tongue the second I left my shoot, and within 45 minutes I felt totally fine. Like I wasn’t going to rip someones head off!

I have to genuinely admit you guys, the CBD is definitely helping my anxiety from all the madness. Not to mention, I have been sleeping better and waking up refreshed for the first time in months.

If you’re anything like me, before bed I think about the 3720935984 things I need to get done the following day, week, and even the next year. It seriously sucks to be constantly stressed about what comes next. I’ve tried meditation, yoga, working out until I can’t move, medical marijuana (side effects were too apparent), and anything under the sun. Nothing has helped. So happy to notice some results as fast as 2 weeks. This is getting interesting!

Day 14-21

I am. OBSESSED. 3 Weeks in and I feel like a total new human. Everytime I feel a little anxiety creeping mid-afternoon, I get all excited to take my Viva Pura CBD Oil at night. I’ve been able to actually relax, and it’s been giving me the best vibe and energy.

I’ve been working out a lot and have taken the CBD oil nightly to help with inflammation too. My stomach feels flat and I am now taking 1-1.5 vile or around 15 milligrams daily!

How I’ve noticed it WORKING:

After a long crazy day, I come home and immediately take CBD oil under my tongue on a somewhat empty stomach. The texture is like the bottom of soup, a little thick and goopey and not much taste, but I got used to it super fast.

Immediately after, I eat to get my metabolism moving. Within an hour I can feel my body relax, my mind worry less and just an overall, what I want to call, zen.

BTW, you know I had to see what happened when I purposefully overdid my dose amount (because this wouldn’t be an experiment if I didn’t), and well, basically just made me a bit drowsy. I felt like I had just woke up and my mind was a bit foggy, but thats when I took 3-4 viles when the recommended dose is 1.

My nightly sleeping has improved more than anything. I struggle with sleep because of my anxiety. I overthink, stress and can’t just shut my mind off no matter how how many sheep I count.! I’m also a very light sleeper so any light or noise wakes me up in an instant. It’s been crazy for the past 3 weeks to notice that when I am woken up, instead of staying awake and struggling for hours to fall back asleep, I nod off right away! HUGE improvement in my sleeping.

Day 21-30

Overall, I can assure you this has helped my anxiety, inflammation and sleep. My mood is a lot more tolerable and I feel like I can enjoy my evenings without thoughts of the 25 billion things I need to do tomorrow. My mind usually races while I am about to fall asleep, but this month the CBD Oil totally took me right to dream mode. Can we talk about how amazing I feel? Like never better!

Chill By Will.jpg

IG STORY Questions:

How did you take the CBD Oil?

I was told you can put it in your smoothes, meals or pretty much anything you want to cook with. I chose to go the raw route, putting it under my tongue. It tastes like the bottom of chicken noodle soup. Like not much flavor but a little thick on the texture part.

What brand did you use?

Viva Pura Hemp. Buy it here!

During the day, did you feel lethargic? Or more energetic?

The only times I took CBD were late afternoon or nighttime. It definitely relaxed me so I feel like taking it at nighttime was more beneficial for me. I like to be super energetic during the day! But the second I came home I took my vile and ate food!

Does it affect you mentally well?

If you’re wondering if it has helped my well being, then absolutely! I feel a lot more stable and relaxed. Normally I am on edge and thinking, thinking, thinking. It really helped me ease up a little on the anxious stuff that really didn’t need to be in my head!

Rate 1-10 how much it benefitted each category?

Anxiety: 9

Sleep: 9

Post Workout Inflammation: 7

Acne: To be transparent here, I didn’t notice any difference in my skin. I think this could be because usually skincare takes around 3 months to notice any differences though! So I wouldn’t rule out that it doesn’t help, I think I need to keep taking it to see.

How much does it cost?

$40-200 depending on the brand/production/quality. Be careful! If you need help with how to find good CBD read this article that I felt was useful!

How many drops/milligrams do you take? What is a good starting point?

I started with 10 milligrams and felt comfortable taking 15 milligrams after about a week! I think a starting point is best around 8-10 milligrams but always talk to a doctor :)

I’m afraid of becoming addicted, do you feel like you need it every night?

I didn’t feel any craving for it at all. It was more of a relief, but if you feel it could be addictive I would talk to a doctor.

Does it help with pain?

Yes totally!

If you’re still curious about CBD, comment below or ask me on my CBD Oil IG Photo! Until next time babes! xx

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