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Isla Mujeres - Dos and Don’ts

When visiting new places, knowing the ins and outs of the city is key! G and I went on a last minute trip to mexico and weren’t disappointed to say the least. Whether you’re visiting Isla Mujeres for a day adventure or staying for the weekend, this island has a charm and relaxing weekend written all over it!

Podcast Interview: Life Lessons with Lins

Creating the best version of ourselves: what does it take? How can we manifest and motivate with intention to live our best lives and continue to be the happiest we’ve ever been? Lindsay and I cover each of these wonders and so many more discussing the real battles of social media, what’s real vs fake and what is coming next for 2019. Read here

My 3 favorite at-home Lower Ab Workouts for a Model Body

I always see on social media these insane transformations where girls lose hundreds of pounds and their workout/diet plan, but I rarely see an average woman who just wants to become the best version of herself, even though she would necessarily be ‘losing’ weight. This is a transformation from what my already healthy body, but I wanted to achieve a model body type (thin, long and lean muscles, tone). Here’s my before and after and my lower ab workouts that helped me accomplish this goal!

CBD Oil: Anxiety, Sleep, Acne & Post-Workout Inflammation

After reading a, what seemed to be “too good to be true,” article about a young girl overcoming cancer with the help of CBD oil, I decided to go on my own journey. For 30 days, I trialed my own diagnosed issues with the low side effect of medical cannabis in hopes of finding out if this newly developed treatment for pain, inflammation, anxiety, acne and sleep was a hoax, or a miracle. This is my story about what CBD Oil did for me after 30 days of Viva Pura Hemp.

3 Day Juice Cleanse (with food) Recipes, Facts and Benefits

Juice cleanses have a reputation for being super good or totally bad for your health. So what’s real and what’s not? I have a list of benefits, facts and my personal juice cleanse recipes for your to dive into. The best part? This juice cleanse is with FOOD! So you won’t be starving and you’ll get all the advantages of what a juice cleanse can do to your body without starving yourself. Yay!