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Best Outfit Ideas for Stagecoach - Cowgirl Fashion!

Best Outfit Ideas for Stagecoach - Cowgirl Fashion!

After 3 consecutive years dancing my way to the desert for the largest country music festival, Stagecoach, I felt it was time to show off how to kill a cowgirl look 3 days in a  row. If you’re anything like me and enjoy standing out, being original and love dressing the part- just wait until I show you my outfits for Stagecoach 2019. I can easily say this year was the BEST of all 3 years, not just for the fashion but the festival itself too. I felt extremely blessed surrounded by so many more friends who joined us this year and we vibed SO hard. Not to mention, I’ve never been much of a country fan, but this festival has something special about it. So if you’re looking for some festival fashion inspo or just want to sneak the outfits from this year, here’s my Stagecoach festival fashion tips on how to stand out from 75,000 other cowgirls. 

Day 1: Rock a solid color

I chose to go all white from head to toe for day one. It’s fresh and clean, and a grand entrance to start off festival season. Pairings are exceptionally easy when you choose to work with one color, and I highly recommend this if you’re a newbie! I didn’t feel the need for a cowgirl hat here and paired it with a white bandana instead. I think if I found an all white cowgirl hat with a diamond in the middle or something that would be BOMB; it’s all about using what you have and making it work. This entire outfit was in my closet besides the shoes, so don’t feel like you have to go out and buy a bunch of new things. Utilize mixing and matching in your closet. Remember, adding sparkles, gems and how you do your hair and makeup also are a part of styling to make your outfit original. 


Day 2: Think outside the box

bad cowgirl festival outfit.JPG

My day 2 outfit by far was the most popular. I got SO many DM’s asking where I got this outfit from and compliments were coming at me faster than I could reply. I felt like a true cowgirl queen when I got a compliment nearly every 10 minutes, but the ultimate moment was when we walked into Neon Carnival (the biggest after party at Coachella & Stagecoach) and a celeb walked by and said “You win Stagecoach.” My inner fashionista is SCREAMING. Not only because it was from him- but only 5 years ago I lived in Idaho and fashion was NOT in my vocab what so ever. I swear to you, I wore jeans and a t shirt every day. I couldn’t even style myself if I tried, but my move to LA inspired me so much that I found edgy/street style fashion is my personal style. 

neon carnival.JPG

I feel most confident when wearing something badass instead of frilly, girly or a dress or something. I think that playing off of your personal style and what you naturally go toward helps make festival fashion easier. This top harness was from Pretty Little thing, and immediately I got the idea of a “bad cowgirl.” You know, like the badass ones in the movies where they are boss bitches and kill everyone and run the world (maybe a small fantasy of mine except the killing). I wanted a leg garter with a gun as inspo even though I knew I couldn’t put a fake gun on for a festival - that would take me to jail. I used this ‘bad cowgirl’ inspo for not just the outfit but the styling of my hair and makeup too. To me, a badass wouldn’t have tousled wavy hair which is my SIGNATURE. I switched it up and went for sleek straight hair, all black outfit and a cat eye to show I mean business. And of course, it’s a festival so I had to add some glitter. I only put it on my shoulders like shoulder pads. Again, thinking in badass terms. The boots were a finishing touch and it completely changed from my day one look of cute, flirty cowgirl to “don’t fuck with me”. Think outside the box and try things that are different. That leg harness was from a pair of jeans and I just removed it and made it my own. Get crafty and get inspired!

Left: Alex Rousset Middle: Mckenna Waitley Right: Liberty Netuschil

Left: Alex Rousset Middle: Mckenna Waitley Right: Liberty Netuschil

Day 3: Classic is ALWAYS a good move

I think I tore my entire closet upside down at least four times for my last outfit. I had a lot of leads, but nothing was sticking or felt right. It wasn’t edgy enough, flirty enough, or original enough. Then, I had an epiphany as I was falling asleep the night before a campaign with my babes at IHeartRaves (a retail rave clothing store I recently started modeling for). I always have my best ideas late at night! I didn’t have anything CLASSIC. Like in real life cowgirls wear denim, huge belt buckles, boots with spurs, ropes, etc. I was like DUH why didn’t I think of chaps?!?! They are the ultimate classic meets sexy cowgirl, and I knew that my IHeartRaves fam had them online. I hit them up immediately and when I showed up for work they handed me these bad boys. All black, faux leather ass-less chaps. Perfect! When it comes to any styling, I think classic is timeless. If you’re unsure of where to take your outfit, lean toward something that has been done a million times before and spice it up. To make my chaps different, I chose to use the animal print theme bikini from Skatie. To the festival I just threw on some shorts and BAM! Another iconic outfit. 

So if you’re a little lost for what to wear to Stagecoach and you don’t want to be like every other girl in jean shorts and a tie top, try these tips! I hope they inspired you and tag me in your outfits @TheLifeOfLibs so I can drool over your inner fashionista. I know she’s there!

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festival outfit day 3 liberty.JPG

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