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8 New Habits You Need to be a Boss Babe

8 New Habits You Need to be a Boss Babe

  1. Stop asking others to do it; do it yourself.

    Take full responsibility for things you have to get done and stop expecting other people to do it for you.. That means you aren’t pushing tasks off on other people because you don’t want to deal or postponing important things until the very last possible minute. Get the most important things done at the beginning of your day, and leave it up to yourself to do it right!

2. Commit to the goals you set and never look back.

Setting goals is already a familiar habit in a boss babe’s lifestyle, but more importantly, holding yourself accountable and following through with them is mandatory. Set goals the night before, or do it like I do by jotting down weekly goals and checking them off as you go. A master tip for goal setting: Create one large goal that will take up to a year, then break it down into smaller goals that are monthly, weekly and even daily to achieve it without a sweat.

3. Create a bomb morning routine and start your morning the same way everyday.

Routine is our best friend so we can focus on the things that actually require brainpower. Have you heard some of the world’s most successful businessmen buy a closet of the same shirt and same pants for every single day? They do this because it’s one less task they have to think about, and by creating routine in our lives we are able to focus on things that really require our attention in all the right areas.

Start your morning off by opening the shades for some morning light and count 3 things you’re grateful for.. Splash your face with cold water to wake yourself up and start sipping on a tall glass of water. I always set my clothes out the night before and get dressed, and my keys and day bag are already packed and ready to go by the front door. Your morning is what sets your mood for the day. What’s your morning routine?

4. Challenge others to be the best version of themselves and set the standard.

Being a boss requires leadership, but I guarantee we can all think of one leader, celebrity or influencer that doesn’t lead the way they should. I always remind myself when problems arise that I set the standard in the room, and I am in control of only my reactions and emotions. By setting a positive and go-getter attitude in the workplace and your life, other’s around you feed off this good energy and do it too! It’s so important to set a standard that is role model worthy and continue to inspire others.

When I see somebody uninspired, doubting themself or just having a hard time, I always take it as my intention to remind them of the power they hold, that this feeling is momentary and that they are going to kick ass! Show them they are worthy and incredible and challenge them to fight through.

5. Carry a notebook or have a place to write down important thoughts, ideas and goals. Follow up with them weekly.

When do you have your biggest epiphanies, ideas or inspiration? I’m sure it’s not when you sit down with a notebook and pen and say to yourself, ok here’s my best idea of 2019. No, our best ideas and inspo come at the most random times, in the most random places and spark from the most random things. I religiously use the app “Notes” in my iPhone to keep track of these sporadic thoughts, and so I don’t forget what could be the best idea I’ve ever had.

Then, once these crazy amazing ideas are written down, I revisit them every Sunday while Garrett watches sports. I organize them, get rid of some, and add to some so that I can begin writing my weekly goals and keep in touch with my future intentions.

6. Dress how you feel most confident and own it.

The best habit you can have is to always make yourself feel and look your best. However it is to you, do it! Dress so you walk into a room confident in your shoes and proud of yourself. If that means wearing the same T shirt and pants like the other successful entrepreneurs to feel confident and focus other tasks, do what’s best for you. If it means wearing yoga pants because they make your booty look good, do it! For me, I feel confident in different things. Some days I need a good pair of high waisted jeans, other days I like to wear a good pair of heels. Know what makes you feel bomb and DO IT. OWN IT.

7. Sleep when you need it.

Our bodies function best when we are rested. Why? Because sleep isn’t just closing our eyes to relax, our bodies are healing, changing, and developing for the better while we sleep. When I hear people say they worked a 100hr work week and are living off of 5 hours of sleep a night, I’m genuinely not impressed. Because behind the number is working harder rather than smarter. Our brains factually do not function on a lack of sleep, so what do you expect to get done? Get your beauty rest, Queen, and remember to work smarter, not harder.

8. Give yourself positive affirmations

A habit that I have built since I was a baby Boss Babe is telling myself things like, you’re enough, you’re worthy, you’re strong, you’re dependable and beautiful and a fucking rockstar. I don’t think I would be where I am today if I didn’t simply believe in myself. I never questioned my capability of accomplishing something, I challenged it instead. When I said i wanted to be a blogger, I didn’t just mean any blogger, I mean the BEST. I woke up every morning and looked in the mirror and remind myself all of the incredible things I’ve accomplished and why I’m proud. In the end, this life is built for you to live it. Why would a boss live it negatively without loving themself? If you need some inspiration of what to write on your bathroom mirror to kickstart the best habits a Boss Babe could have, check out 14 Quotes to Boost Self Confidence.

Remember, bad habits build a streamline of negative lifestyle choices; good habits build on good habits, and what isn’t completely reachable in this current moment will be attainable very soon. It’s about the hard work you put in daily to add up to the big picture. Lets start with these, and see where it takes us! Ending it here, stoked on life and enjoying this huge bowl of truffle pasta. xoxo Libs

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