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46 Things to Be Grateful For Right Now (Thanksgiving Dinner Gratitude Ideas)

46 Things to Be Grateful For Right Now (Thanksgiving Dinner Gratitude Ideas)

Every Thanksgiving, it’s tradition that leads a circle of giving thanks as we feast on delicious food and ask each person what they are grateful for. And if you’re like me, well I get a little anxious wondering “What do I say?”

Not that Thanksgiving is the only time to count our blessings; in fact, I wake up every single morning and name 3 things I’m grateful for that day. It gives me a positive push to start the morning, and counting 3 things each day makes me feel good inside.


I know being mindful of my thoughts has really carried to an overall happier lifestyle, and keeping my habits good has been a huge factor of my positivity.

Negative thoughts lead to negative feelings. Bad energy attracts bad energy. It’s honestly that simple. I think positive and FEEL positive, so that’s usually what I attract.


Of course I’m human and complain here and there, but it’s all about creating that habit of trying not to do it too often. Just like your favorite thing to eat or the way you find balance, you can’t go too extreme in either direction because it can hurt you. Instead, it’s about finding the balance and creating good habits that make your quality of life so much better!

So, whether this is for Thanksgiving dinner this week or you just need a little inspiration (maybe starting your morning with 3 things you’re grateful for), here are

46 Things to be Grateful For Right Now. 

  1. Safety for yourself and your loved ones

  2. All 5 senses (hear, see, touch, taste, smell)

  3. Free samples 

  4. Fresh sheets to climb into at night

  5. Clean Drinking water

  6. Someone loves you more than you realize

  7. Ability to learn any skill set you want

  8. Opportunity is everywhere

  9. Can call mom and dad anytime for advice

  10. Kindness from a stranger

  11. Internet/social media to communicate/learn/ask/aquire/create/recieve

  12. Handwritten letters from loved ones

  13. Photos of memories you would’ve forgotten

  14. Uncontrollably laughing

  15. Strength to walk, jump, climb mountains, run marathons

  16. Pets that love us unconditionally

  17. Turning on the heat/AC

  18. Stargazing 

  19. Time spent alone

  20. Airplanes

  21. Taking a hot steamy shower

  22. Fresh chocolate chip cookies from the oven

  23. Rainbows

  24. Past mistakes that taught you lessons

  25. Holding hands

  26. Your favorite food

  27. Mastering something

  28. Being told YES

  29. Cold water on hot days

  30. Shopping sprees

  31. Listening to rain on the roof

  32. Dancing around

  33. An education

  34. A place to call “home”

  35. A new day to try again

  36. Having a right to vote

  37. Looking in the mirror and loving who stares back 

  38. Belive in any religion 

  39. Phonecalls breaking the distance between important loved ones

  40. Having a job

  41. Getting a raise

  42. Medicine when we need it

  43. Turning on your favorite song or movie

  44. Money to buy what you need

  45. Surprises

  46. Hearing someone tell you how much you’ve grow

All photos captured by my friend  @ReallySortOfAmazing

All photos captured by my friend @ReallySortOfAmazing

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