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My 3 favorite at-home Lower Ab Workouts for a Model Body

My 3 favorite at-home Lower Ab Workouts for a Model Body

How I got flatter and more toned stomach 

Before I was a model, I was a dancer… I trained 5 days a week for a couple hours per day doing mostly classically trained ballet and jazz, and my body was in great shape. I ate everything and anything in site, diet wasn’t an issue for me, and I was proud of my body. When I moved to LA, I decided I wanted a more LEAN and modelesque body type. I watched my idols, Candice Swanepoel and Adriana Lima workout like CRAZY and I just couldn’t figure out why my body was bulkier (Not that there’s anything wrong with being more built, it just wasn’t what I wanted) and not my target goal. After all, I WAS at the gym daily. What was I doing wrong? 


What i found was a lot of the workouts I did at the gym to stay fit were causing me to build muscle in all the wrong places. I was burning fat and building muscle. Thats what most of us are taught to do to be “healthy” and “fit”. Luckily, I could tell immediately these weren’t the results I wanted, and I made some changes. Looking at these legends walk the runway, they were dripping femininity with tiny waists, tone legs and perky butts. I loved that these women were about staying physically fit, and more importantly, eating well. 


With the help of a new understanding of not trying to BUILD my muscles, but instead to TONE them, I have come a long way since 2015! I love that my legs are slimmer and and less bulky, my stomach is flat and tone, my butt is bigger (without compensating my thighs) and my arms are tone and not flappy. This was MY goal, and I totally get if yours is different!

Every body is beautiful! I think we should always love ourselves in every stage our body is in, esp as women with constant changes from aging, kids, metabolism and diet changes. But don’t forget you deserve to have your dream body too! 

Here are my top favorite ab workouts you can get done in literally 15 minutes at home in your living room, at the park or wherever you feel most motivated! These are the workouts I’ve been doing regularly of the past  3 years to tone up! My body, as you can tell, is so lean and tone. Exactly what i wanted!


Before you commit to doing this ab workout daily, I also want to challenge you to try What I Eat In a Day. This video + blog post will be up very soon with my top eating habits that really helped me get this best version of me!

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Hope you love it!

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