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Couples Retreat to Ciel Spa Beverly Hills at SLS Hotel

Couples Retreat to Ciel Spa Beverly Hills at SLS Hotel

We’ve all been in the middle of life with a work load we can’t keep track of, an at home to-do list that consistently never ends and a conscious keeping us guilty of the late nights and bad habits associated with stress from Life. It’s a struggle to find the perfect balance of keeping busy with a peace of mind, but we constantly forget to plan that peace-of-mind part.

 I schedule meetings, GNO and pilates classes, but when the thought of stress or overworking comes to mind I just think “Ah, I’ll just do another workout class” or “I’ll sleep in until 3pm on Sunday.” Not that sweating and sleeping aren’t good ways to rid of the Life factor, but why haven’t we set aside and planned an afternoon, evening or entire day to give ourselves a peace-of-mind? As I continue to challenge myself and be more aware, self improvement begins at time spent reflecting and meditating on deep thoughts corresponding to my current stress. And just like that, I have been finding the core of my difficult obstacles by prioritizing days of clarity and purity just like the rest of my to-do lists. 

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The white curtains open in front of me as I hug my warm fuzzy robe close to my heart and begin my afternoon of unwinding. Sitting down in a quiet room with birds chirping in the background, drinking fruit infused water and nibbling on peanut butter filled pretzels, I sit back and exhale with my goals in mind: to find my center of balance in my mind, body and life. Surrounded entirely by floor to ceiling cascading white curtains, decor and sofas that snuggle you in, I am reminded of light, innocence and clarity. My man joins me with a kiss on the forehead and we’ve done it! We’ve planned our day of peace-of-mind at Ciel Spa Beverly Hills at luxury boutique hotel, SLS

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The spa has a reputation of creating a luxury experience that is over-the-top spectacular and staff that treats you like royalty for the ultimate day to yourself and your honey with options of massage, facial, nail salon, hair studio, waxing or professional make up for your perfect night ahead. It has a relaxation lounge, locker rooms with saunas, showers and girl things along with each unique white room accommodating to your booking needs. For us, this was the couples retreat private suite with Ciel Spa. The room spoke for itself with two massage tables in the center, a sofa, two large white bathtubs and an aromatherapy corner set up. We were sent to heaven and brought back again with Noriko and Kristina who gave each of us a relaxing massage. With this time I was able to find my peace of mind and share it with someone I love, ending it in a tub of warm water and fresh roses. 

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There’s nothing like spending a day to unwind, purify, and detox all of the obstacles life puts in front of you. Taking time to reflect allows your body to rebalance, revitalize and reenergize. Ciel Spa can tailor to your ideal afternoon and take you into a white floating cloud of goodness. We only experienced a snooze worthy couples massage with aromatherapy and bath time in their private suite, but I can’t wait to be back for the nails, hair or even switch it up for a hot stone massage and facial. 

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What struck me as luxury about Ciel Spa is their attention to detail, carrying only the finest products from around the world like skincare, jewelry and fashion and staff who really take your experience to the next level. I love the endless amenities they have and how many options there are when deciding on what will rock you into your zen. Ciel Spa in Beverly Hills at the SLS Hotel is the perfect couples retreat to grab that peace of mind balance we all need in our lives; not to mention, they are one of the only spas in Los Angeles to offer Biologique Recherché facials and anti-aging treatments in the heart of a tranquil and immersing beautiful spa. 

If there is anything we should focus on in 2018, it is self-improvement and happiness. Balancing life, work, kids, castings, meetings, goals, workouts etc can be a whole lot of stress and fogginess. I know that by choosing to plan my days of clarity and reflection like I do with pilates will take my mind and attitude to the next level. By detoxing my mind, I become more clear, pure and energized with what to do with all of the hardships coming my way. I have become happier and refreshed on why I started my journey to begin with, keeping goals and aspirations in reach. Thank you for allowing us to experience pure luxury and peace of mind Ciel Spa Beverly Hills.

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