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3 Reasons You Can't Miss Rolling Loud Festival - Beatbox Beverages

3 Reasons You Can't Miss Rolling Loud Festival - Beatbox Beverages

NewMARK models spent a day with Beatbox Beverages, and this is what it consisted of:

Beatbox Beverages portable party punch, Pink Lemonade flavor

We started the day on Melrose Ave at The Hart and The Hunter, a table guiding us to our seats with glasses painted with our first initial. We sat down in a garden of BeatBox Beverages and were introduced to the cool party punch launched in 2011. After a killer brunch, we climbed into a neon lit party bus to set the mood on our way to a new Hip-Hop festival, Rolling Loud

Outfit Details: Sunglasses from Giant Vintage; Set by LF stores; Shoes by Papaya Clothing; Jacket by Zara

Only 3 years old, Rolling Loud has managed to sell out at So Cal's location almost immediately. Tickets are out the door and festival goers are eager to experience the fast growing Hip-Hop music scene. So why is this festival a must?

1. It is the largest Hip-Hop Festival

Rolling Loud is only 3 years old, but the Hip-Hop culture has influenced for years. This festival is worldwide and has been set up for 2018 to visit Japan, China, United Kingdom, Southern California and the Bay Area with top Hip-Hop artists such as Future, Post Malone and Mac Miller. The festival features two stages and alternates times to allow you to see as much as possible!

2. It is budget friendly!

Unlike most festivals that are overpriced for even general admission, tickets for Rolling Loud start at only $89. That means if you saved $20 for 5 weeks, you have yourself a Rolling Loud GA ticket (and some change for their dank vendor food or a beer). I have been to a decent amount of festivals, and I have to admit their set up is quite the show. At nighttime, everything glows purple or blue plus they have alcohol on site. Huge plus!

3. VIP is a treat in itself

We've all been to the festivals that you spend SO much extra money to get VIP service for the better showings, higher quality vendors and smaller crowd, but most of the time they just end up being crowded just like GA. Not at Rolling Loud! We had not only VIP tickets, but VIP bottle service which was literally a table like you would see at the club! Bootsy Bellows ran this portion and I loved having a table to drink as I pleased, PLUS your own personal place to sit down when you felt like. VIP had not only extra vendors and space, but trailers (not portapotties) that were clean and empty. Ladies, you're going to love this one. I didn't have to wait in line in VIP ONCE to go pee. I was in, and I was out. We all know the price of a VIP ticket is worth that in itself. No lines, no hassle, just a killer VIP area. Great photo ops inside as well.

A couple of pro tips:

~Be sure to check the weather

I attended So Cals Rolling Loud in the middle of December. During the day, it was great! Sometimes even hot... But the second the sun went down and it dropped below 45 degrees, I was freezing. We snuggled up, double layered and ordered an extra bottle of Greygoose to keep warm. Remember: The festival will go on, rain or shine!

~Bring your ID and a credit card

In between sets at our private VIP booth

In between sets at our private VIP booth

Rolling Loud was very... ummm.... thorough when it came to ID checking. There are multiple checkpoints, and if you have VIP where there is alcohol, the check wristbands religiously. I highly recommend carrying a credit card with your ID to verify that your ID is you. They didn't let in one of our friends because she didn't have one! 

~Prepare for long and thorough security points

Unlike the ID check, I didn't mind at all how great Rolling Loud's security was. There were two checkpoints, and it took our crew about 20-30 minutes to get through it all. They have scanners, metal detecters, you name it! This made me feel secure when going inside, but WARNING, no backpacks!!! They are strict. Bring a fanny pack or boyfriend to hold all of your IDs, chapstick, wallet.. you know the drill. And they will be using a hand scanner, but I didn't get the hands on experience. ;)

Beatbox Beverages were the perfect host for NewMARK models, and we can't wait to come back and visit you next year! 

Top (Left to Right): Julie Mayorga, Natalie B, Liberty Netuschil, Shannon Barker, Cait Barker 

Bottom (Left to Right): Destiny Sierra DeLisio, Kaylen Ostapovich, Jules Newmark, Montana Yao (below), Kaylee Ricciardi, Ashleigh Austin (below)

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