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14 Festival Outits that Aren't Basic AF

14 Festival Outits that Aren't Basic AF

Google searching festival outfits for 2019 can be pretty repetitive and uninspiring. Most of the outfits have already been worn and if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to show up to a festival and see another girl rocking your exact outfit. Luckily I did some research and found not only a BOMB festival brand you’re going to LOVE, but I reached out and did a huge social campaign to rock their newest drops. It’s affordable, cute and you can get as skimpy or covered as you want because they have everything: tops, bodysuits, leggings, shoes, hats, belts, goggles, body glitter, pasties, dresses, masks and so much more. Yes, and they sell mens! We are so far from cliche here and nobody is going to basic- maybe just a little extra!


Click to shop  IHeartRaves

Click to shop IHeartRaves

Rainbow is so in and I’m honestly obsessed with the leather bra we paired over the top of the bikini for my outfit! It adds a little edge to the outfit and would be a perfect opportunity to wear all black with the bikini as a pop of color!

. The space ship bottoms are also super cute to pair with a fishnet underneath or alone as is. I would wear these to Ultra, EDC or an electronic based festival!

Adding cute details like the neon pink hat really pull together outfits. If you’re feeling bland add a hat, goggles, sun glasses or hair glitter!


There’s no doubt you’re going to see snakeskin all over 2019 festivals. It’s easily one of my personal favorite trends because it’s not super out there, too frilly or not complimenting. Its actually adds the perfect sexy edge to any outfit- so how can we make it NOT basic or cliche?

If I were gearing up for festivals wearing snakeskin, honestly this outfit would be my #1 choice. The garter belt gives it an army-ish/badassness that I live for, and the faux leather hat is a perfect addition so it’s not too boring. The only thing I would add is a pair of fishnets or even a skirt to cover up just a little more. Thigh high boots are a must here to show you mean business.


Want to stand out and get compliments everywhere you go? Wear neon to 2019 music festivals. You can’t go wrong here: neon green, pink, purple, they are all so sick!


The color blocking is really unique on the left outfit. I love the harness bottom/choker and it’s so not basic. The space buns with neon extensions and those bomb neon purple shoes make this outfit.

My outfit is ultra sexy with peek a boo lace in the front of the top and bottom. This would be another great opportunity to add a skirt (maybe like neon green to matchy matchy. You’ll stand out like a reflector) to cover up a little- but if you’re into booty action leave it. Notice the hair detail and jewels they added to my face. I think it really leveled up this outfit!

Space Cowboy

Headed to Stagecoach like me? We all know the basicness of outfits are flannels, blue jean shorts, cowboy boots and hat. But what if you showed up in THIS? Hello cowgirl turned bad!

The best part about this space cowgirl fit is that it’s so unique and cool because of the styling. If you look at each individual piece, it’s not that great. But together its SO cute. The little star details around my eyes, animal print set with a body harness? I’m obsessed. This is a perfect example how to take festival outfits up a notch using cool pieces & a little imagination.

I might even rock something similar to Stagecoach (PS if you’re going DM me so we can meet up!)!


One thing that would never go wrong at a festival- GLITTER!!!

Detail your collar bones, any peek a boo spots like the top I’m wearing, around your eyes, glitter lipstick, hair glitter- or wear sequin and become the glitter! To make this a not so basic addition, use glitter only when you need and as an accent. Just like jewelry you want to pair it with your outfit. You’ll shine babe!


The outfit I’m rocking is perfect for a dark goddess. Not the all white/halo type of goddess but her evil sister you know? That’s how I like to stay away from cliche, add YOUR flare to an outfit. I love being pretty and sparkly, but all black goddess with a hair braid and eye gems- original af.

Mermaid Fairy Holographic Princess

This outfit is SO fire! I love that it’s a mix of festival trends put together. Holographic anything is a good start as well as reflective. You can get stuff that reflects at night and is holographic by day.

Minus the cowgirl hat, picture adding a pair of long blonde/pink extension braids down to my waist. It totally screams mermaid queen with this skirt and fish scale set that I would live in.

So if you’re hitting any festival this year and need to steer far from matching with some other girl, study these bomb outfits that are trendy, original and so affordable! Always add your flare to every outfit and don’t forget to piece different things together to get a totally different look. You can keep it small in a bikini set or wear a unitard and still look amazing! Hope you loved this campaign I shot with IHeartRaves! xx

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