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11 Different Ways to Wear Denim | Summer Try on Haul with Boyish Jeans

11 Different Ways to Wear Denim | Summer Try on Haul with Boyish Jeans

Summer 2019 is in full swing, and it’s easily my favorite season of the year. I live for styling summer outfits because it matches my fashion sense to a T: classic, trend-setting and minimalistic. This is my first summer try on haul with Boyish Jeans, so it’s a bomb collection of my personal moods depending on where I am and what I am doing. I think keeping your closet and style versatile while being cohesive with an overall “look” is key! But the true secret to making your outfit look good is owning it- if you don’t feel comfortable then don’t wear it! I live in denim jeans because personally I don’t feel ultra sexy in a tight mini dress, but pairing it with a little crop top and a pair of heels will always drip the same amount of finesse as a girl in a dress. Knowing your personal go-tos is super helpful, but don’t shy away from stepping out of the comfort zone either! Here’s some ideas of how to rock staple denim jeans with 11 different ways to wear denim!

Before we dive in, lets chat about the jeans I’m wearing in this video! Boyish Jeans is a environmentally friendly denim brand that is recycled fabrics, cruelty free and aware of the carbon footprint on our environment. I will always put money into brands who are MORE than making a dope outfit. If we want to be a voice, the decisions we make daily will effect our future selves. Not just this, but I have partnered with Boyish Jeans to take it one step further. We will be donating 30% of the profits to World Wildlife Foundation to continue supporting our wildlife that is so desperate for our help right now. PLUS, you can get 30% off your purchase too! Read on!

Concert Night

Boyish Final 4.JPG

Band tees are a personal fav for rocking pretty much anywhere. They’re comfortable, lightweight and keep your look casual-but not boring. If you’re a little extra like me, pair with a pop of color (I chose red to play off the Rolling Stones band tee) and sunnies are a perfect summer accessory! You can rock this band tee look to a summer concert, Melrose Trading Post, walk of shame, you name it! It’s super flexible and a look you can easily take from day to night. Rock it with sneakers and sunnies during the day, and boost it up with a belt and boots for the night!

First Date

Boyish Final 1.JPG

If I’m completely transparent, a first date/first impression is HUGE. You want to show off the girls and look cute for sure, but we don’t want to get too skimpy here to give off the wrong impression. I already said it, but I’ll say it again- I’m not a dress girl. I feel bloated after 20 minutes and I feel like I can’t relax, you know? Jeans give you that pulled in support, lift your booty up and hug you in all the right places. I would keep the first dates look classy, clean and sexy (but not too sexy you feel me?). This look is something Garrett would love to see me rock for a date night! I know it because he said this is his favorite outfit ;)

Sunday Brunch

Boyish Final 6.JPG

So family is visiting for the weekend and you want to look IG worthy, but keep it PG. I would go with a comfortable sneaker, like white Converse or Filas, and a basic girly top like this! The florals will play perfectly for a brunch to day adventure with family! It’s feminine, cute, and grandma would surely approve of this outfit! To polish off this brunch outfit perfectly, a dainty necklace is your accessory, especially if it’s a girls brunch and you’re popping champagne. Just switch the shoes to some wedges and you’ll be set for a boosy brunch.

Girls Night Out

Boyish Final 2.JPG

Girls Night Out is my favorite thing to get dressed for by a long shot! Nights out with your bff’s means a lot of girl talk, boy talk, cocktails and frisky dancing. This is also my single babes time to SHINE, so dressing for a girl’s night is like the final on your exams- take that sh*t seriously. Unlike a first date, GNOs are when dressing a little more on the sexy side and letting that inner freak out is OK. You can wear anything that makes you feel like the boss babe you are! I tend to stick to black or neutral colors, a high heeled BOOT (boot is key so your feet aren’t bleeding by 9pm) and *drumroll please* denim jeans! You can dance, kick, strut and open your legs to climb into a taxi without worrying anything will peep out.

Salsa Lessons

Boyish Final 11.JPG

Girls you can’t deny right now that if I turned on “Go Loko” by YG or “Otro Trago” by Sech you wouldn't start swinging those hips. The second any music turns on that we love, a whole other thriving twin side of us bursts out! So, whether you’re hitting salsa clubs with your girls, taking salsa lessons with your man or hitting Squid Row in Cabo for your first time, THIS is your look. A spicy little margarita in a fun outfit that makes you want to shake your hips. Trust me, people will be watching you in this get up!


Boyish Final 3.JPG

Picture this: it’s 2pm in July in the Bahamas, and you just left the ocean for an afternoon swim. The afternoon heat is being swept away with a light breeze, the sun is shining and your dream man is getting ready to take you on a special island date. What do you wear? While on vacation in most tropical places, this is not the time to whip out your red bottoms. Instead, opt for a thick sandal that still gives you that height, a cute tie top that pushes the girls together, and a sun hat to protect your skin while keeping it fashion. Instead of going over the top, be a little island girl that fits in with the locals. Let your hair loose, and let the humidity do it’s magic! Also, opt for a light, dewy glow with CC cream, bronzer and a waterproof mascara- thats it!! This is when I get the most compliments from my man, less is more.

Real Housewives of LA (feeling extra)

Boyish Final 10.JPG

Just like our moods, we wake up feeling like a sneaker, a boot, a wedge, or a heel. I dress myself daily based off how i feel- if I’m feeling relaxed, I opt for loose fit street style, and if I’m feeling confident and sassy, well, this is what I opt for! And girl there is nothing wrong with feeling yourself! Sometimes we dress for our family, sometimes we dress for our man, but most of the time, we should be dressing for ourselves! If you look in the mirror and feel hot, that’s literally all that matters. When we were shooting the Youtube video for 11 Different Ways to Wear Denim, I was feeling sassy as hell, so I picked up my cat for an LA housewife Pomeranian moment and strut my stuff down the catwalk of my living room. This outfit makes me feel female, empowered, boss and that is everything I ever hope to be.

Motorcycle Babe (feeling edgy)

Boyish Final 5.JPG

Just like feeling a little extra, sometimes I wake up with an attitude. In my mind I’m thinking “Don’t even look at me wrong or else” but I need my outfit to say that too. I want Don’t F*ck With Me virtually written across my forehead. I basically feel this at least once a month, and I know I’m not alone. Pairing leather, denim, buckles, studs etc are all a little edgy and give the attitude without your personality doing any work!. My go-to look is badass because it’s sexy and comfortable, and it keeps everyone a little one their toes around you. Maybe not, but I do know that street style has a swag of it’s own that I personally can’t compare anything else to.

Soccer Mom

Boyish Final 9.JPG

Remember when I said less is more? Well this also refers to this soccer mom look.. AKA Garrett’s second favorite look. If there’s anything I’ve learned, a girl dressed down is just as hot as a girl dressed up. There’s a time and place for everything, so the heels can take a backseat every once in while, switch them out for the sickest new trend: sneakers! I’m in love with the sneaker trend mostly because they are sooooo comfortable. If you’re like me and want to add some height, pick out sneakers that have a thick sole like Filas or these PS821 I’m wearing to add an inch or two. Baseball caps are a hot addition and hey, you don’t have to wash your hair!

Sports Date

Boyish Final 8.JPG

At some point you’re going to hit a Dodgers game or something similar, and man, do boys love a girl who can rock a baseball cap. This is that perfect moment to show you can dress up like a lady and dress down, eat a hotdog, wear a baseball cap and own it too. You’re a boss babe who can hang with the boys. Typically sporting events can get a little chilly, so I would wear some cute loose sweater or cut off like this that is warm and trendy. Again, the sneakers are perfect for keeping your outfit in style but comfortable. And if you want to take it from an 8 to a 10? Put your hair up in a ponytail, home run.

Neon Barbie

Boyish Final 7.JPG

As we have already covered, neon is IN. This neon bodysuit is so cute with the little cut out back detail. I would wear the neon looks to a beach day roller skating, a fair date or a music festival. It’s such a fun look and has a balance of neon so it’s not too much. You are definitely going to be turning heads, but in a good way! Matching pink between the laces, bodysuit and sunnies say clearly you’re ready to have a good time. And it’s summer baby, let loose!

Summer is easily my favorite time of the year to dress up for. It’s easy going, warm and life is good! Denim jeans are an absolute must because they are classic staple for every occasion. But that doesn’t mean we have to keep the outfit classic, dressing it up or down based on the occasion can make any good pair of denim great. Boyish jeans is such an incredible brand making sustainable fashion a must! Their recycled fabrics are that worn in look you just can’t buy anywhere else! By using my code “LifeOfLibsWWF” you can get 30% off and 30% will go toward the World Wildlife Foundation, a nonprofit I hand selected to give donations. When buying your next staple pair, you can make a difference in so many different ways by saving the environment and the animals who live in it plus get 30% off! It’s a win win, check out boyish jeans here.


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